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Employment Verification Form

There are times when you have to provide a proof of your employment and in that case you will need a employment verification form. This form will include all the information needed for the verification of your employment and when it will be under signed by the concerned authorities then no one will reject this proof of your employment. You may need a proof for your employment if you are asking for a loan from the bank for purchasing some thing on lease bases.

We have included here an employment verification form and we hope that it will solve your problems.

Employment Verification Form


Person Name: _________________________________ Father Name: ______________________________Age________

Date of Birth_______________ National ID ___________________________ Social Security No _____________________

Temporary address _________________________________________________ State_____________ ZIP ____________

Permanent address _________________________________________________ State_____________ ZIP ____________

Phone (Land Line) ____________________ Phone (mobile)_____________________Email _________________________


Occupation: _____________________________________ Job Title: ___________________________________________

Marital status: ___________________________________


Employer Company Details: 


Company name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________ Tel no: _____________________________________

Mob no: _________________________Fax no: _______________________ Email address: _________________________


This is to verify that Mr/Mrs ___________________________ is regular/on contract employee of our organization from the

date  __________________ to uptill now. We hope to continue using his/her services in future.



________________________                             ______________________                 ________________________

Authorized Signature                                                   Company Stamp/ Logo                                      Date


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