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Donation Form

Donation form is used to take record of donations. Donation form is necessary for both parties donor and receiver. It is necessary that both parties should have record of donation. It can be beneficial for both because they both can receive benefits of this form. This donation form helps them to take an exemption from tax. This form also helps in the preparation of financial record. I am going to provide you with a sample donation form here. This sample donation form is designed as per standard format of donation form so you can utilize it as per your needs. This is absolutely free and easy to modify. Just copy it to the word document and make changes as per your requirements.

Star USA Donation Form



Donor to be acknowledged if different from above                                                     


Telephone                               Fax                              Email                                  


      (   )     Please direct my gift to the Star FoundationUSAGeneral Fund.

      (  )  Please use my gift to support the following area of service or area in theArizona:


       (   ) I recommend that Star FoundationUSAsupport the following charitable organization:

  Organization Name:                                                                                      


 (   )      I am giving cash in the amount of $                          

 (   )      I am enclosing a check payable to Star Foundation USAin the amount of $           

 (   )     I would like to make my donation through: (Citibank Account #: 203506597 Bank Routing #: 321171184)

                                     (   )  Bank Deposit

            (   ) Telegraphic Transfer

 (   ) Stocks and Securities (Please contact ST-USA for details.)

* For credit card donations, please go to __________________________________________


Unless otherwise informed,ST-USAwill give your contact information to the grantees who may contact you directly.  Check here if you would prefer that your donation be anonymous.


I understand that my gift to Star Foundation USAbecomes the property of Star Foundation USAand that Star Foundation USAhas ultimate control, authority and discretion with regard to its assets.  All grants made by Star Foundation USAare in its sole and independent discretion.

Signature                                                                                 Date                                       

 Please make copies of this form as needed. Send or fax this form with your gift to:

Star Foundation USA = 545 Shoreline Drive, Suite 456 = Redwood City, CA 54548

Ph 650 598 3126=  f 650 508 8988 = =

Upon receipt of your donation and completed donation form, you will be sent an acknowledgement letter and official receipt in the mail to be used for tax purposes. Please be advised that ST-USA charges a 5% service fee. Thank you!

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